Can aromatherapy really help calm panic?

I put my phone down, but the damage was done.  I couldn’t unread what I had just read.  My breathing was suddenly shallow, my blood felt icy as it flowed away from my racing heart, and my torso was trembling.  

What was even happening? I hadn’t had a panic attack since High School!  Yet here I was, experiencing similar symptoms, JUST as my Zoom room was filling with participants.  They had come to learn how to use Essential Oils to overcome overwhelming emotions.  Ha!  The irony.

We began with a common practice of hand-cupping uplifting oils over the mouth + nose to inhale them slowly.  I felt my heart rate slow a bit and my breathing relax.  I was able to keep my voice calm and share the class notes I had prepared, but the trembling WOULD. NOT. QUIT!  It felt so violent inside my chest that I self-consciously began to wonder if they could SEE it shaking.

I moved on to discuss some of my favorite YL Oil blends for calming anxious thoughts: Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Valor and CBD Calm. 

I was sharing how much I LOVE the unique aroma of the CBD Calm roller + how I use it on my pulse points to chill out.  I enjoy the scent SO MUCH that I will swipe it right under my nose just to inhale it, so I demonstrated this as I spoke.  After swiping my upper lip, I replaced the cap + began listing the 6 oils included in this CBD blend: Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver…… I never made it through the list.

FIVE SECONDS after swiping CBD Calm under my nose, the trembling in my chest CEASED.  It didn’t gradually release. It simply STOPPED IN ITS TRACKS. My mouth dropped in shock and I had to blink to fight back tears of gratitude.  I knew I had to tell them what had just happened. 

As I began to share about it with those on the Zoom, I discovered that they had all WATCHED it happen.  They saw my shoulders drop and my face muscles relax.  They said my whole demeanor change… just seconds after using CBD Calm aromatically. 


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